Sunday 14th April THE BIG BAND MUSINKAL FINALE 7pm £20

If you’ve ever watched a film, enjoyed a TV show or heard a radio broadcast, seen a West End show or listened to almost any piece of music, then you will have heard many of these musicians. You don’t know their names because they are from that select, elite group of players known as ‘session musicians’. Over the past few years, they’ve featured on Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice, The X Factor, The Olympics, broadcasts by the BBC Big Band, the BBC Concert Orchestra and too many films and TV dramas to mention. They are anonymous, back-room people who arrive, play, and go away again having shown a level of expertise that still amazes and confounds.

Tonight, they will play a selection of music put together by Dick Walter, (J R Hartley, Hovis, British Airways et al), and show a level of expertise that we’re sure will amaze and confound. We hope you enjoy the show!