INK – The Short New Play Company

Giving a voice to those rarely heard.


INK’s mission is to inspire, nurture and develop skills to create original new scripts.

INK is a catalyst for social justice and uses the arts as a powerful and effective communications tool. None more so than in these Covid times where the young and elderly have been disproportionately affected.

Whether it is the voices of the younger members of our communities who are economically disadvantaged, the elderly who are at risk of social isolation or living in care homes with dementia, members of the BAME or LGBTQIA+ communities, those in our prisons or vulnerable children at risk from County Lines criminal gangs, their voices need to be heard.

How do we do this?

Community Outreach Work

INK uses the power of writing, through a series of workshops and performances, to build confidence and belief in the holders of those voices that they will be listened to, and in that listening positive change can be brought about.

Festival and Touring

Through our annual Festival and Tours, we provide a platform to showcase our outreach work plus many short new plays from across the UK, in particular from East Anglia, including many first-time writers. INK is the UK’s leading short play producer. We also provide cultural opportunities to rural and coastal communities across our region, who at the best of times have limited exposure to theatre and the arts.

Having someone who listens is a great gift, but to be truly heard is a treasure. INK believes in the power of making people who should be heard, truly heard.

Covid hasn’t stopped INK inspiring new short play writing and serving the community who support us. Read our latest news update to see how busy we’ve been!



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