2024 Submissions

INK is the UK’s leading short new play company, producing every year, over 60 new scripts for stage and radio at the annual 5-day INK Festival.

Submission of content is free and we welcome scripts from writers of all ages, all levels of experience, regardless of background, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Read more about INK here



  • Open to anyone resident in the UK and Ireland, and to UK and Irish nationals living abroad
  • Entries must be new writing or never professionally performed in the UK
  • Plays should not require more than 4 actors, unless otherwise stated. (Actors could always play multiple roles)
  • Entries submitted to be online in Word format (not a PDF). No paper entries
    • Entries should be 12-point text, with 1.5 spacing and include page numbers, a title page, and character list
  • Please include a short synopsis of no more than 50 words
  • You may submit only one script per category



Submission Categories

Remember that 1 page of script approximately = 2 minutes

Plays for Stage

1. A 20 minute or under script on a subject of your choice: We are delighted if the play includes the potential for movement, physical theatre, projection, imaginative lighting and staging.

2. Play on a Bus: The title for a 20 minute or under script that can be performed on a bus or in a train. Limited to 2 actors.

3. Planet INK: Like many organisations with a moral compass INK is eager to engage with the climate challenge whether with local or global issues. 20 minute or under script, NO monologues, concerning for example: coastal erosion, drought, loss of habitat, clean water, renewables, migration, sustainability.

4. Cock Ups!: The title for a 20 minute or under script that hopefully will amuse!

5. 18 and Under – Treasure: The title for a 10 minute or under script. No Monologues.

Plays for Radio

6. Long Radio: A 45 minute script on a subject of your choice. Please submit just the first 4 pages, (8 sides), along with a 50 word synopsis. If we like the script, we will ask for the full-length version. Please DO NOT send the full-length script when you initially submit.

7. Radio Comedy: A 20 minutes or under script that will amuse!

The process

  • Every script is read by at least 3 readers to create: The long list
  • The long list is re-read by the Artistic and Associate Directors to create: The short list
  • Plays are then grouped together into hour long shows, (consisting of 3 to 5 scripts) with subject matter, length and cross-casting all taken into consideration).
  • Directors select which combination of plays they wish to direct.
  • All entries will be contacted, ideally by Christmas, but with 1000s of submissions it is sometimes later.

5 top script writing tips

Thanks to Steve Waters, playwright & Professor of Script Writing at University of East Anglia.

It’s a moment not a story
No exposition. Cut to the chase
Be playful. Invite laughter
Character not concept
One small shift or change