Sponsors & Funders

Julia Josephs

Suffolk Community Foundation

Tony Mackintosh and Criona Palmer

Garrick Charitable Trust

Golden Charitable Trust

Cara Duffy


David Robbie

Jeremy and Christine Josephs

Jeremy and Sara Solnick

John and Pamela Ormerod

Early Charitable Trust

Douglas Rowe

Morton Partnership

Karen Le Roux

Rachel and Adam Cooke

Bill and Jill Willison

Kevin and Helen Murphy

Linda and Dean Price

Fay Sweet and Susan Marling

Ivy Grange Farm


Jane Hamilton

Rosemary and Ian Davies

John and Carol Wardell

National Farmers Union

Pauline Wilcock

Paul Greengrass

Jen Cardwell 

Erica Donnellan

Barbara Wood

Mark Waller

M and H Plastics

Dusha Bateson

Anna Wright

Valerie’s Consignment Store

Pam Stewart

Derek Newby

Shirley-Ann Humphries

Gordon and Marian Beard

Louise Gooch



Thank you to the following who have kindly given rehearsal space and accommodation to our visiting actors, writers and directors.


Michael Imison, John and Sue Bainer, Hilary Greatorex, Adrienne Grant, Clare Parsons, Ann Bryson, Helen Atkinson Wood, Tony Mackintosh, Julia Sowerbutts, Jane Zarins, Val Anderson, Brian and Christine Fisher, Debs and Bob Hurst, Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie, Jo Leverett, Luke Wright and Durrants.

In Kind Support