Rehearsals begin at The Pleasance!

Rehearsals begin at The Pleasance!

Rehearsals have begun at The Pleasance theatre in London for the INK SPILL of ‘Daughter’, by Bill Cashmore.



Daughter will perform 16th -19th November 2016 at 7.45pm, and 18th & 19th November 2016 at 2.45pm at The Pleasance. Tickets are £10, £8 for concessions. For bookings and further information see CLICK HERE or contact 020 7609 1800

“Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla” Jim Bishop

INK presents ‘Daughter’, a new play by Bill Cashmore, about fatherhood- the ideal and the reality- and about memories notably the flash bulb ones. How accurate are they and how useful? Unexpected, poignant and funny- this play explores love, loss and…afterwards.

Now in its third year, the INK Festival based at the Halesworth Cut Theatre in Suffolk, is a springboard for NEW, SHORT stage and radio plays, and films by scriptwriters with a connection to East Anglia. The original 30 minute production of ‘Daughter’ won the INK 2016 Festivals’ best play award, and now with the help of INK has been developed and extended. INK spills into the Pleasance Theatre on Wednesday 16th-19th November at 7.45pm and also 18th & 19th November at 2.45pm.



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