INK’s Intermediate Script Writing Workshops

Intermediate Script Writing Workshops

Are you ready to take your script writing to the next level?   

Have you mastered the basic techniques but feel that you want to improve your play-writing skills through harder exercises and a deep evaluation of specific texts?   

If so, then our Intermediate Script Writing Workshops are for you. 

Ten workshops will be run on ZOOM on alternate Thursdays from
30th September 2021 to Thursday 10th February 2022 from 13.00-14.30

The last workshop will be a showcase of your work and you will have the opportunity to submit a short script or excerpt of a script for a rehearsed reading given by INK’s professional actors.  This is an amazing opportunity to have your work read by professional actors in a supportive environment. 

Over the weeks, the workshops will include such topics as: 

  • Identifying your style – and then writing something completely out of your comfort zone! 
  • How to make your characters sound individual. 
  • Breaking the 4th wall – the impact upon the audience and when it can work. 
  • In depth study of specific texts and group discussions. 
  • Funding options and the challenges of producing your own work. 
  • How to use Time in your script and writing a script backwards! 

The workshops will be led by Paul T. Davies, an experienced playwright, director, actor and academic.

Paul’s work has been performed throughout the UK and his new play Jacky, will be staged this year, and enters the world of wheelchair Ballroom Dancing.

Paul is also presenting his new play The Miner’s Crow at the first Colchester Fringe Festival in October 2021. 

This is an intermediate course and participants will have some experience of writing and/or have participated in INK’s Beginners’ workshops

Cost:  £35 for all 10 workshops payable in advance. 

For questions or an enrolment form, please contact Griff Scott on or telephone 07908 221060.