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INK presents a selection of short radio plays written and recorded during the 2020 Lockdown. First broadcast on BBC Radio Suffolk, these wonderful shorts then received a ‘second life’ on the local digital radio station, East Suffolk One.

Written by both new and experienced writers, each piece was recorded by our wonderful INK actors – our grateful thanks to you all! Enjoy …

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Training Purposes by Gary Ogin

Performed by Miranda Hart & Emma Henderson

Marjorie is trying to reboot her friendships after saying things she really didn’t mean. Or perhaps did.

A Suffolk Man by Tom Pauk

Performed by Tim Bentinck

How do you know if you’re a Suffolk man? A man from Poland and a man from Suffolk take issue.

Sharp Scratch by Mark Donald

Performed by Huw Brentnall

A nightclub encounter with a jealous guy.

Delete My Life by Marion Cobban

Performed by Lucy Mangan

Shall I? Shan’t I? All those emails waiting in my inbox.

The Tea Test by Seth Freeman

Performed by Diana Quick & Helen Atkinson Wood

Two old friends ponder the eternal question milk before, or after? The answer can mean life or death.

A Rose By Any Other Name by Monica Allen

Performed by Juliet Stevenson

If you’re going to name your baby after every dead relation where will it end?

One Night Stand by Lucy Darrington

Performed by Alice Redmond

One minute you’re having a one-night stand, the next… well who could have guessed?

Being Anti-Matter by Dixe Wills

Performed by Martha Loader

Just because you don’t theoretically exist in this space time continuum, doesn’t mean you can’t have attitude.

Bloody Nigel Havers by Alan Tilby

Performed by Helen Atkinson Wood, Penelope Rawlins, & Nigel Havers

Mum’s age-old passion for Nigel Havers may have unexpected consequences.

Quiet Now by Griff Scott

Performed by Tessa Wojtczak

The time to be quiet can be the most helpful but also the hardest part of waiting.

Nan by Lucy Flannery

Performed by Melissa Dean

Nan has picked up her knitting needles and done something beautiful and unexpected.

Nightjars by Stephen Mollett

Performed by Barbara Horne & Paul Hegarty

A pair of birdwatchers gently chide each other at twilight.

Snooks by Maresa Harrington

Performed by Alexandra Ewing

The statue of a little dog perched on a plinth by the yacht pond in Aldeburgh is not all he seems.

Fingertips by Nikki Wright

Performed by Molly McGeachin

A woman waking in darkness reaches for the fabrics and needle that will bear witness to her life.

The Gluten Experiment by Ashwaq Al Lawati

Performed by Sarah McGuinness & Joe McArdle

Dana’s food experiments on the customers don’t go down well with the cafe manager.

Keep Believing by Lyn Fountain

Performed by Adrienne Grant

What is it that keeps us believing in Christmas, love, and second chances?

Pride, Prejudice & PPE by Michael Staniforth

Performed by Penelope Rawlins & Dugald Bruce Lockhart

Publisher’s advice to the author about the adjustments needed to make Pride and Prejudice suitable in a time of Covid.

No More Piss In the Lifts by Justin Marosa

Performed by Justin Marosa

Things have changed on the ‘murder mile’. But the ghosts are still there.

Hold My Wings by Christine Foster

Performed by Lucy Mangan & Sam Rix

The right answers to a divine quiz are arguably life’s cruelest trick.

Spit Or Swallow by Jonathan Skinner

Performed by Isabella Inchbald & Yiannis Vassilakis

What is it with men and wine? They always want to over-complicate things.

Once A Lady by Richard Ihnatowicz

Performed by Ann Bryson & Felix Uff

An overprotective mum can’t help spooning out advice to her child.

The Stars & I by Jack Jarvis

Performed by Samuel Lawrence

A stargazer is brought to earth by reality and circumstance.

The Sweetest Move by Linda Burgess

Performed by Dean Graham

The plan to seduce a beautiful commuter falls short on puns.

Lockdown Run by Geraldine Alexander

Performed by Charlotte Parry

A daily run with a woman who can’t escape the thought of what’s going on at home.