Other Events at INK Festival 2018

INK 2018 took place in April, and while we’re busy preparing for the 2019 Festival, you can read all about the events we had in the 2018 Festival below.

As well as the short plays and INKlings programme we have an ever-growing number of other events, including workshops, films, talks and performance poetry.

Want to know when specific events are taking place? Download the Festival Schedule here.

Ambridge Supper and The Archers Q&A

Join us on the Saturday evening for a very special event – our very own Ambridge evening.

Fans of The Archers (the world’s longest-running soap) will know Tim Bentinck as the voice of David Archer, and for one night only he’ll be at INK answering your questions about life as David Archer and his autobiography Being David Archer – And Other Unusual Ways of Earning a Living.

The evening will kick start at 7pm with The Ambridge Supper – a menu reflecting the iconic show’s characters: local, seasonal and organic – superbly cooked by Southwold’s Café 51. This is available for purchase separately, and is not included in day or weekend ticket.


BBC New Comedy Writing Workshop

Saturday April 7th 3.30-5.30 pm
Thanks to BBC support, this event is free. THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED.
At the INK Festival for the first time.
BBC New Comedy is an exciting mission to find the best new, untapped and previously unknown comedy writing/performing talent. Once a month there’s a radio show of this best new talent on BBC Norfolk and Suffolk.
Come, learn, laugh and write something funny with us.  The workshop will be led by multi-award winning comic Tim FitzHigham.

Writing for Radio, with Robin Brooks

Saturday April 7th 10.00am-12.00pm
A course suitable for all ages and abilities: an introduction to how radio drama works, from the commissioning process at the BBC, through structure and style of radio script writing, through to the nuts and bolts of radio production
For tickets and more information: fiona@allegrapartnership.co.uk

 Writing for Television, with Dan Allum

Sunday April 8th 10.00am-12.00pm
This highly practical course is aimed at writers of all ages and experience and will not only cover essentials like the anatomy of structure, building dynamic action and writing strong dialogue, it will also explain how ‘selling’documents such as script proposals, story outlines and pitching treatments are created. The tutor will also aim to tailor the session to fit the individual requirements of the participants as far as possible.
For tickets and more information: danallum321@virginmedia.com


Blake Morrison

Sunday April 8th 
Included in Weekend and Sunday Festival tickets.
Writing for Stage and Page
Until commissioned by this year’s Festival, Blake Morrison had never written an original play. But over the years he has adapted eight plays for Barrie Rutter’s theatre company Northern Broadsides; collaborated with the composer Gavin Bryars on two operas and several song cycles; and seen his memoir And When Did You Last See Your Father? made into a film (with Jim Broadbent, Colin Firth and Juliet Stephenson) and his novel The Last Weekend become a three-part television drama. In this talk he reflects on the differences between writing for the stage and writing for the page – and on the challenges he faced in composing his latest book, The Executor (published last month), a novel with poems.

Performance Poetry

Luke Wright
Poet Laureate

Sunday April 8th
Included in Weekend and Sunday Festival tickets.
There’s a new Poet Laureate due to be announced in 2019, but our new INK patron doesn’t fancy his chances. Luke casts a light on a rogue’s gallery of previous laureates and presents a new batch of his blistering poems: an alternative state-of-the-nation address, searching for things that can unite our fractured society.


Rosy Carrick

Saturday April 7th
Included in Weekend and Saturday Festival tickets.
One of the best poets on the circuit today, Rosy will perform pieces from her forthcoming collection of new work which features the dark arts of trainspotting and lust.

John Osborne
Circled in the Radio Times

Saturday April 7th
Included in Weekend and Saturday Festival tickets.
A beautiful piece of story telling that evolves from old copies of the Radio Times. Osborne pieces together a person’s life from the viewing habits of the reader, and charts how television has changed lives.


Andy Bennett

Saturday April 7th
Included in Weekend and Sunday Festival tickets.
A terrific rumble through the history of Norwich Castle from 1067, delivered in ‘rhyme royal’ – a rhysming stanza form introduced to English poetry by Geoffrey Chaucer – by one of East Anglia’s hot young bards.


Roderick Smith
Scenes from a Brummie Iliad

Sunday April 8th
Included in Weekend and Sunday Festival tickets.
Homer’s classic war story is given a Midlands vernacular twist in this striking solo performance piece by the charismatic Smith.


Tom Corbett
After The War

Included in Weekend tickets.
A son and father search for peace in the shadow of a war which has scarred them both. But can some wounds really heal? A rehearsed reading of a powerful poetic drama.



This year we’ll be showing 10 films at INK, split into two groups. Each group last approximately 45 minutes, and will be shown multiple times per day.


Huw Brentnall
Nicholas McCarthy

Born without a right hand, Nicholas McCarthy became on of the most respected disabled musicians born in the UK. This short documentary explores the world of the one-handed piano and Nicholas’ place in it


Huw Brentnall
A Rum Do

When a burglar puts his back out during a job, he becomes trapped in a strange flat. When one of the tenants comes home, things go from bad…

Paul Nash
Perception is All

An intense loner watches over the city, believing the world will end unless he stays conscious and constantly perceiving his surroundings. He stays awake the only way he knows.


Michael Beddoes
The Date

After being set up on a blind date, Maddie experiences a night she’ll never forget. One that will make her access her feelings, insecurities and pre-judgements.


Alex Hermon

Amnesiac is a short thriller that follows a young man searching for the answer to his girlfriend’s disappearance.

Ellie Glendining
The One You Were Born In

A disabled teenager living in a rural village with her alcoholic mother makes a profound connection that allows hr to start to explore her previously repressed sexuality



Richard Morris
Made in Southwark

William Shakespeare gets into trouble with his wife when she finds out that he’s been writing his will. A spoof ‘docusoap’ made with hand puppets.


Josh Trett
Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?

Based on a true story. With Christmas two days around the corner, a young couple, enjoying a night of festivities, stumble across a stranger struggling to embrace the season.

Hannah Evans

If you had the chance to speak to your past self, what would you say?


Mark Hannant
Proper Milk

The intimate portrait tells the story of Fiona Provan and her small herd of jersey cows on the ‘highest welfare dairy in the land.’