Creative writing workshops!

Creative writing workshops!

For the first time this year INK are hosting Creative writing workshops and masterclasses by the hugely talented Michelle Sewell. Are you an aspiring writer who missed the deadline for INK this year? Perhaps you thought about submitting but your play isn’t quite there yet? Need some advice and help with your writing? Don’t forget to book for our Creative writing courses and masterclasses!

Writer Michelle Sewell will be running the classes over the festival weekend APRIL 9TH & 10TH

Michelle SewellShake the dust off that old play you never did anything with, bring the scenes you wrote at 3am last night, send in the blockbuster that only your mum thinks is any good. These workshops are for you and will be a great opportunity to springboard them to the next step!

To find out more about Michelle and how to book a place on the workshops head to our CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPS page

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