Little Goblins Drama workshop at INK!

Little Goblins Drama workshop at INK!

INK are teaming up with Miss Adventures Theatre Company who will be bringing us a fun and friendly drama workshop with games, exercises and activities designed to build self-confidence, encourage imagination and improve social skills, all whilst learning new techniques and creating original stories!


As well as the brilliant ‘Little Goblins Drama workshop’ for 5-8 year olds, children and parents can watch a performance of ‘The Goblin King’ by Miss Adventures Theatre company.  A whimsical adventure perfect for ages 5-8 years!

Little Goblins Drama Workshop

Sunday 23rd April 2017
The Cut, Halesworth

The Goblin King performance

Sunday 23rd April 2017, The Cut, Halesworth
By Miss Adventures Company

£15 workshop and performance
£6 performance only (adults go free)

Camilla Falconbridge, Director MissAdventures Theatre Company Web: Twitter: @MissAdTheatreCo Email: Mobile: 07870 574271

What is ‘The Goblin King’ performance all about?
Meet the Goblin King, his servant Sniffles and his scary wife, The Goblin Queen, as they search low and high for the Princess Thomasina! It’s not easy being King you know. Down in the Deep World the Goblin King has a problem and he needs some help. His only daughter, the Princess Thomasina has escaped and is on the loose in the shallow world! The Goblin King, together with his faithful yet hapless companion Sniffles, must find the Princess and bring her back to the Deep World before the Goblin Queen (who is VERY mean) finds out!

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