Adaptation Workshop with Shirley Day

Adaptation Workshop with Shirley Day

Adaptation provides writers with tried-and-tested format: the story works, so where can you take it? Theatre to film? Short story to theatre? Real life to novel? the combinations are limitless.

Shirley Day, writer in residence at The Cut, adapted Thea Smilley’s Role Play from last years Ink festival. The film has gone on to win a festival award. Shirley was also selected for the BFI Adapt to Film scheme, to adapt her own award winning novel into a feature.   Working between disciplines is an exciting way of working collaboratively, exploring new ideas or finding out what your own story really means.


In this workshops Shirley will talk about:


  • Finding stories
  • Copyright and etiquette
  • Knowing which medium to adapt your story to.
  • Finding the narrative spine.
  • Methodology
  • When is your story, not an adaptation. Does it matter?


Saturday 22nd April 2017 2-3pm


The Cut, Halesworth

How much?

£10.00 per head

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