5 practical tips for overcoming Writer’s block!

5 practical tips for overcoming Writer’s block!

Are you struggling for inspiration for your story? Desperate to write a new play or creative project but not sure where to start? Perhaps you had a buzz of energy and writing but now you are stuck on a scene, unsure how to move forward or what your character should do next, perhaps you have a brilliant idea but have no idea what happens in the end? Check out a few of our simple exercises and activities to aid your creativity and overcome writer’s block!

  1. Write down a long list of all the places and things that excite, inspire or fascinate you; baking, family holidays, swimming, art, theatre, dancing, romance, reality tv, surfing, sex…. Now circle 9 things on the list that you would excited about putting in your play. The things you are drawn to in like and are passionate about will make writing easier and more truthful. Write all the 9 things onto separate scraps of paper, then take three out- i.e. Dancing, Sex, Family holidays. Then on the next page write a list of ‘What IF’s?’ What if a young girl on her family holiday ended up learning to dance and falling in love with her instructor? What if a man took private dance lessons to impress his wife for their First dance at their wedding, only to fall in love with his dance instructor? etc. These could be the starting point ideas to your story! 
  2. Make a list of all the strange places that help your mind wander and allow room for creativity. I.e. Running, colouring, going for a walk, sitting by the Sea. Make a diary appointment to visit that place or do that activity once a week if possible.
  3. Visit postsecret.com where people submit their deepest, darkest secrets anonymously. A brilliant seedbed for ideas and character sparks.
  4. Visit awkwardfamilyphotos.com for hilarious inspiration and ideas. The power of photos and images is huge in creative exploration, take your smart phone out and get some pictures on your next walk to work, walk to the shops or taking the dog out.
  5. Visit in-public.com for candid moments captured on the streets of the world. News services like reuters.com puts together a gallery of the year’s best photos. 


Stay tuned for more NEWS next week about Character profiling– how to create, edit, develop and nurture your characters throughout your storytelling.

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