By Jon Canter

A delicious comedy about a businessman who takes his first wife to lunch in a Greek taverna. The young waiter struggles with their outsize order of nostalgia and ego.

The Hunted Man
By Bill Philpot

As if he didn’t have enough troubles, now Sara, his beautiful daughter, is stepping out with Archie, the “Renaissance Man”. Fear and loathing in the shires.

By James Rose

A quiet, rural railway platform at 08:49. Someone said that all time happens at once. What happens when the past enters our present? And that present affects our future?

Knock Knock
By Andy Powrie

Terry Britain was always a miserable git. Nothing improved when his wife ran off with a Hell’s Angel. Until today.

A Day in the (Married) Life
By Jan Etherington

A Day in the (Married) Life Jan Etherington

Jude is restless and dissatisfied with her long marriage to Harry and one small event is enough to make her decide to leave him. But will he notice she’s gone?


It’s A Sperm’s Life
By Lewis Wilding

How do we first learn the meaning of life and love? In this odd-ball comedy a courageous batch of spermatozoa get an illuminating and hilarious induction.

Out For the Season
By Simon Farnham

With a debut season in the Premiership just weeks away, footballer Jordan Alexander is about to discover that the toughest challenges he’ll be facing are those off the pitch.

Modern Living
By Jack Stanley

1 estate agent with 1 flat to sell in a trendy part of the city. Can’t be that hard can it? Wait until they meet the people viewing the flat. A comic play all about people and property.

Him, Her & Them
By Bill Cashmore

Ruth and Tom. Tom and Ruth. Chance meeting and life’s chances. This comic play looks at how life can work out and how much our past exists in our present.

Another Northern Man
By Paul Kelly

A grief-stricken man visits a therapist after the death of his hero. Ominously, it’s not rehabilitation he seeks …


Shortcliffs Bed & Breakfast
By Callum Hale & Davey Goodwin

Two spinster sisters run an empty bed and breakfast on a desolate piece of coast. The arrival of a stranger stirs dark passions.


Table Talk
By Samson Timmer

Winner of INK Festival 2017 YOUNG WRITER category

A dining table, a parent and a child. A play about lego and love and lies.


The Flying Eye
By Jan Etherington

Lucky plumber Tony wins a flight in the local radio traffic-spotter plane, but before long he’s wishing he never left the ground.

When the Whale came  
By Chris Coates

Comedy. Gary hates his brother, and doesn’t realise his mum is struggling, but their lives are all about to be changed by a large, wet and unexpected visitor.

Ground Elder
By Sue Sofroniou

When scammers target an unsuspecting OAP, they are faced with a series of unexpected events which threaten to undermine their criminal intent.



A new play by Esther Freud

Directed by Helen Atkinson Wood

The first thirty minutes of INK patron Esther Freud’s first play, Stitchers, can be seen for the first time in the form of a rehearsed reading directed by INK patron  Helen Atkinson Wood.

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Her Mother’s Voice
By Peg Lynch,
adapted by Astrid Ronning

Astrid Ronning & Bernard Hill celebrate the talents of American Radio and Television comedy legend, Peg Lynch.

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Iestyn Edwards 

A short performance and Talk

With well over 1,000 acclaimed performances of a one-man show headlining in the west end and touring small venues, Iestyn Edwards gives advice in making your own work, booking dates and doing your own press and PR.

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Jeremy Solnick

Yutar – A poem about the trial of Nelson Mandela

Jeremy grew up in South Africa during the Apartheid Era and left in 1973 when he was 22, to avoid National Service in the South African army. In 2007, Jeremy gave up the law to concentrate on writing poetry. Jeremy is currently studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Essex. Jeremy will be performing his poems at the INK Festival 2017.

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